Powerplay Faction: Yuri Grom Cycles 274-276 The Bear Cleans House

Tired of the rotting, half-eaten carcasses left in his domain, the Bear took action once more.

Using the previous cycle to carefully section off the damaging systems, he maneuvered and positioned them for release.
Last cycle, he cultivated all of his other lands to ensure they remained in pristine condition whilst he weeded out Bulkuylkana and Soch.

Sensing an opportunity whilst the Bear laboured, the wolves circled his territory once more and tried to steal what is again the Bear's. To no avail, the bear was fully awake and aware of the trespassers. They left hungry and bitter.

As a result of this cleaning, Yuri Grom gained over 200cc, releasing the two systems, exited turmoil and once more grew in strength.

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