Powerplay Faction: Yuri Grom Cycles 270 - 273 Surveillance and Strike

The wolf packs have been used to laying claim to the Bear's dominion. Preparing and expanding for their own benefit whilst laying waste to his treasured heartland. Yet they squabble amongst themselves, while the Bear watches... and waits.

The wolves focus on other threats, canines bared, claws tearing at one another. In their confusion, the Bear remains hidden. In their pointless bickering, the Bear remains still.

Sensing weakness, the Bear strikes.

While the packs squabble and fight over far territory, the Bear moves quickly and decisively, reclaiming some of what once was his. San Guan once more flies the flag of Yuri Grom.

He will maintain his watch and patrol his territory until the wolves have learnt he is not weak or tired and dejected they move elsewhere.

Want to be part of Yuri’s rise once more? Do 2 things:

Vote Consolidation and join us.
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