Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 50 Priorities and Status (updated daily)

Priorities for 18th of May
This post will be updated daily between 12th to the 18th of May, usually at around 07-09 UCT or 20-22 UCT and increasing in frequency closer to the end of the cycle.

Previous Cycle Debrief
Decent results last cycle. We expanded two systems, prepared two systems, ended up with a pretty high surplus and climbed to 4th position. We are also accused of bugging Hudson.

Join our community!
The Torval Strategy posts are presented by the Torval Community. We present what systems to support under the Control tab under Galactic Powers for the greatest impact. If you are completely new to powerplay, be sure to check out our guide or What you can do here.

If you dedicated yourself to Zemina Torval you belong on the Torval Community website where we deal with everything else that is important for Zemina Torval. To get access to the website, please post us a private message in which you include (1) your e-mail address and (2) a screenshot of your right-side monitor to see your commander name and that you are pledged to Zemina Torval. To give us your screenshot you can use an image website such as postimg.org or imgur to upload your screenshot so you can send us the link together with your e-mail.

Understanding the mechanics of powerplay is vital to Torval being successful and so the guidance posted here represents what we believe to be the best course of action for our community to undertake. However, it is the contribution and efforts, no matter how small that make Torval a success story. Thank you!

Status Update - Updated 06:30 GMT+0000 (GMT Standard Time)
Use your nominations into HIP 81071, HR 4720 and Kherthaje. Keep them even to each other so none falls behind. Have a look in the community board for more activities during the day.
Fortification Plan (Control)
Central to powerplay is Fortification. This is the powerplay activity listed under the tab in Galactic Powers called "Control".
Each week we fortify our preferred high value systems. We aim to complete fortification of these systems each week.
Ignore "Under Threat" - we want large haulers (> 400) to always focus on systems with the lowest % and smaller vessels (< 200) should focus on systems with the highest %.

Early in the cycle we try to spread the fortification, with some extra focus on systems with a high LY distance from Synteini.
From Tuesday onwards, all our commanders regardless of ship capacity should focus on completing system fortifications based on their Value.

..Fortification plan is completed..

Avoid fortifying systems not on this list.

Fly safe Cmdrs!
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Do you want the current one stuck?

Let me know if so. I'm around most days to stick and unstick for you.
Do you want the current one stuck?

Let me know if so. I'm around most days to stick and unstick for you.

it doesn't hurt if it is stuck on top. But considering the low amount of traffic in the powerplay forums it isn't a necessity I guess. It's very obvious which thread has the current data most of the time.
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