Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 313: Accidental Mass Death of Political Prisoners Solution Trialled

After some slight, minor, insignificant comments of concern from the Imperial Slave Association we are piloting new integrated Cargo Bay Life Support modules on Torval ships that may (or may not) stop Political Prisoners from Expiring at 7:00 AM GMT every Thursday. The same improvements should also prevent Torval Deeds and Trade Agreements turning into heaps of putrid gunk as well.

FUC has switched their attention to Aisling this cycle after many failed attempts to take down Torval. The IHC will of course be waiting for them and we will remain vigilant as the 5C seems determined to stick around here having attempted to push a 5C Expansion against Grom last cycle.

Remember: Vote when told to via a ping on the Elite Torval Discord to counter the 5C menace!

Glory to Torval and the Empire!
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