Hello Commanders!
My name is Mace, and I'm the Press Secretary for Aisling Duval Comms. I'll be stepping in for Hunter this week.

Here are our goals for this week, cycle 309:

  • ✅ Vote for Consolidation! Voting is the most important thing you can do for AD, so make sure to maintain rank 2! Here's where to vote in the UI.
  • ❌ Do NOT prepare systems. If you want merits without helping the Princess, please only fortify Karsuki Ti. The pickup is Cubeo.
  • 🎯 Oppose Winters's expansion in HIP 48095!
  • 🏰 Check the Trello for dynamic fortification targets! This is updated more frequently than the in-game menu.

We hope to see you on the Aisling Duval Comms Discord server!

And now, here's your Weekly Cycle Recap, bringing you all the news from Powerplay for last week, cycle 308--

Our consolidation vote went for a roller-coaster ride last week, going from 80 to 76 to 79 to finally 78%. You can help smooth out those numbers—vote consolidation today! Thanks to a midweek voting surge, we avoided hauling a prepblocker, and our hauling heroes had plenty of time to complete the Trello.

Weirdly, HIP 5C hauling dipped to a recent low of about 360,000 tons. Meanwhile, someone decided to take out their pent-up frustration on our control systems by undermining a few, but they achieved nothing. Well done, I guess?

Felicia and Zachary took something of a siesta last week after Federal Liberal Command threw nearly 10 billion credits onto an unopposed expansion. We didn't sleep, though: AD’s underminers successfully defeated Felicia’s weapon in Selkande before moving on to a blanket-undermine of her systems. That should limit her ability to prep more weaponized expansions against us this week! Fantastic work, all. Outside our little corner of the galaxy, Torval had the highest consolidation vote in the game at 85%, and Kumo turmoiled off three more systems in an apparent scrap attempt.

To everyone keeping AD dominant: thank you, and godspeed!
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