Powerplay Faction: Yuri Grom Cycle 308 Objectives

With the help of our forces the citizens of Wolfberg finally managed to throw off the yoke of oppression and free themselves of corruption as they embraced the governance of Yuri Grom. Yuri thanks all Cmdrs who helped in this achievement. It has been a long time coming but in the end success prevailed.
Elsewhere in the Yuriverse our dedicated BGS team have been supporting favourable governments into power and flipping spheres to help reduce fortification triggers and ease the workload for our haulers. Another good cycle for Yuri Grom.

This cycle please:

1. Vote Consolidation

2. Fortify all systems above 100CC base income:


In particular:
San Guan
LFT 78
Hip 99642
Hip 88178

3. Prepare Umaitis from Luk Xing.

If you want merits to maintain your rank or gain the module please fortify by delivering Grom Counter Intelligence materials to LTT 7548 or Alino (Closest systems that dont hurt Yuri). (y)

Yuri thanks you for your work Comrades.

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We are now preparing Umaitis to counter the terrible system of Nuakea being pushed.
If you havent voted please vote consolidation to stop the 5c from dropping the vote below 50%
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