Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 305: FDev Removes BGS

FDev has removed the BGS leaving Powerplay as the main game mode. The drastic but no doubt incredibly popular decision was taken with a ‘heavy heart’ an internal company source reportedly claimed after the server room was partially destroyed by an escaped Tyrannosaurus Rex which FDev had adopted after motion capture for Jurassic World Evolution had completed. Police suspect members of NMLA (Non-Mammal Liberation Alliance) were behind the incident after a half chewed leg of their leader was found near the open gate of the dino’s pen. The creature meanwhile was last seen running through Cambridge City Centre and anyone with any information of where it is now should contact the relevant authorities (hiding in outside toilets is not advised).

Torval’s defences held with our Fortifications generating a CC Reserve of 727 with our Defence Bonus at 50%. The FUC Weapon against us was defeated once more by our magnificent wings of Imperial commanders with this cycle’s attempt at CC piracy from them coming from the WW Piscis Austrini system.

More Wining Mining tomorrow!

Gory to Torval & the Empire!
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