Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 304: Galactic Social Distancing to be Relaxed for Some On Monday

On Monday for the first time for some decades social distancing rules will be relaxed allowing a limited number of Pilots’ Federation members to disembark their ships and explore a single solar system. The restrictions were allegedly imposed after a dispute over whether the organisation’s name should keep its apostrophe turned violent leading to the accidental destruction of Zorgon Peterson’s Panther Clipper factory. Both the Pilots’ Federation & Zorgon Peterson reportedly deny such events. Regardless, Imperial Citizens should brace themselves for the potential arrival of Pilots’ Federation members on foot in the near future.

Last cycle FUC’s undefeatable Weaponised Expansion at Karnarki, which had a quadruple advantage against the Empire’s forces, went through. Regrettably we forget to tell FUC that they’d miscalculated and their Weapon Contested systems already Contested so the net effect on Torval was zero (oops). This cycle their Weapon against us is at Kuangwutja; may our forces teach them the meaning of defeat once more.

Our CC Reserve increased to 736 with our Defence Bonus dropping to 46%. Wing Mining today is Platinum.

Many thanks to all those assisted,

Glory to Torval & the Empire!
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