Powerplay Faction: Denton Patreus Cycle 301 Weekly Objectives

Hello Friends of the Empire:
Our core group of pilots have been reinforced with a very professional group of heavy hauling efficient pilots, closing out yet another cycle with almost all profitable systems fortified. Our defense bonus and consolidated undermine triggers are at the maximum, putting us in a very good defensive position.

Cycle 300 Summary: We fortified 25 systems with 0 systems undermined and have 731CC to spend this cycle.

Objectives for this week:

✅ Vote to Consolidate.

❌ Do not prepare any system for expansion.
  • Exceptions to this objective will be announced via Patreus’ discord.
  • If you absolutely must prepare a system for whatever reason, prep LP 878-87 or LHS 1067.

🔱 Defense Plan Objectives are managed via our Fortification Tracker on Patreus’ discord.
  • If you want to provide support outside of Patreus’ discord, your efforts are appreciated, but please do not over fortify any system, rather find the closest system via Power Play UI and deliver Garrison Supplies there.
🎯 Undermining/Expansion Opposition Objectives are coordinated via Imperial High Council Discord to ensure Economy of Force and maximize/balance Empire efforts.

We are always looking for dedicated pilots; if interested in joining our ranks, stop by Denton Patreus' ElitePatreus Discord: https://discord.gg/RjWn3qv and we can discuss how we can help each other.

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