Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 301: A Cannon Ball too Few

Last cycle after much planning we launched a bid to take control of the CD-35 6972 Sphere. We courageous and driven Torvalians more than kept FUC honest despite being outnumbered by some margin. Unfortunately though they were able to transfer forces from elsewhere to bolster their opposition leading to the smallest of victories with us ending just 7,461 deeds short. Nevertheless, it was an exemplary performance by all Torvalians with many receiving recognition for their efforts.

Many thanks to all those who participated. Every deed delivered counted and edged us closer to victory, it is just this time we fell one cannon ball short of the killing blow. There will however be a next time and FUC may not be so lucky.

This cycle we build our finances and man the fortifications whilst the IHC deals with Hudson’s Weaponised Expansion against us at LTT 9472.

Glory to Torval and the Empire!
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