Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 293: FUC Try it Again

Another strong cycle despite everyone partying due to Empire Day and yes, I am aware some of the toilets in Lagerkvist’s foyer are still blocked however someone has bought us out of Mining Lances so we don’t have anything powerful enough to clear the blockage right now. We tried using slaves but now we have a slave with their hand stuck in the u-bend as well (we are currently looking for a volunteer to tell him we may have to amputate so if you are interested in earning a few extra credits please contact Maintenance Services). Anyway, we Fortified well amassing a CC Reserve of 205 with our Defence Bonus running at 29%. FUC have responded by deploying LTT 9472 against us again. However, with any luck and the bravery of our IHC commanders this sphere wrecking attempt will fail once more.

This cycle we continue our defensive strategies as we remain the focus of FUC’s rage due to their repeated strategic blunders.

Glory to the Empire & Torval!

Amazing how Hudson's expansion CZs are always empty yet you rack up all those Power Bonds.

CMDR Justinian Octavius

PP in FUC is open only- thats the rules- they kick people out for breaking them: I have seen it happen. We do have a strong contingent of console players, and are global so you may have more luck at odd times on a PS4. I know you personally play in Open- I think its 2-1 in your favour on our 'meetings" :)
The other imperials- not so much.

Your side has a problem with hiding in private groups, solo, blocking opponents and general avoidance of Open at all costs. Why?

Because in open your Cmdrs cant win.
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