Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 289: President Hudson Ate My Cat

Despite the almost overwhelming odds Imperial forces triumphed against FUC at Lulua keeping the Trante sphere profitable for Senator Torval who no doubt will be most pleased upon hearing the news. This means we retain our starting balance of 37 CC whilst consolidating to a CC Reserve of 330 CC. Our Defence Bonus is 30%.

Meanwhile there were allegedly acrimonious scenes in the Federal Congress building after President Hudson reportedly shot the Defence Minister’s cat with his hunting rifle before cooking it and trying to serve it to officials in a crazed attempt to hide the evidence. One anonymous source was quoted as saying, ‘The President had been in a foul mood all morning after Yuri Grom’s forces messed up our Expansion then all of a sudden he seemed to cheer up and cooked a meal for the senior defence staff. Things were going well until the Defence Minister came in looking for their cat Ivan at which point one of the secretary’s bit on the poor feline’s nametag whilst chewing on their meat. The word “awkward” doesn’t really cut it.’

Nutritional experts at Bitterwood Academy’s Cookery Department commented, ‘technically speaking eating properly prepared and cooked cat meat won’t do you any harm. However, Martian cats are often crawling with alien parasitic lice so those involved in this rather disturbing incident will likely be spending many days on the toilet, and Feds don’t use the 3 sea shells either!’

We expect FUC to be looking for a victory after last cycle’s defeats so let us batten down the hatches and not give them one!

Glory to the Empire & Torval!
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