Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 277: FUC Deploys Weapons & CC Bug

This cycle FUC has deployed two Weaponised Expansions against us at Clayahu and Oscabi. It is thus vitally important that the income we are owed from Grom’s turmoil last cycle is added to our CC Balance. If you have not already done so please confirm and up vote the bug report associated with this issue at: https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/19523

In other news, FDev have seemingly fixed the Expansion Ethos Trigger Reduction calculation that was causing Trigger Reduction not to be applied with some Expansions. Many thanks to the team for doing so.

At home meanwhile 6 Torvalians were awarded the Heroes in Victory Campaign Medal and 1 was awarded the Black Opal Ellipsoid for excellence in wing mining.

Glory to Torval & the Empire!
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