Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 270: The FUC Banana Split

Repeating the military campaign catastrophes of many infamous generals of history you wouldn’t want to be associated with seems to be a central plank of Federal strategy. As such they split their forces and tried pushing two weaponised expansions against us at Epsilon Pavonis and HIP 91638. Imperial forces observed this and took decisive action, hitting hard and dealing a total defeat to them.

Analyst & Bitterwood Academy lecturer Cnaeus Poulsen said, ‘dividing your army in two is always a recipe for disaster unless you have a significant military advantage in either numbers or logistics that can override any shortcomings in the strategic planning. FUC has neither with a military command staff that are a bunch of bananas so they were always going to get squished by our professional forces. They probably only got hired because all the candidates with a brain were queuing for Food Aid to feed their families rather than staggering around the office drunk on black market antifreeze when the job opening occurred.‘

The Federals' failure also enabled Torval commanders to participate in a brave assault against Hudson & Winters to further reduce their CC balances whilst at home we consolidated to a CC Reserve of 157 CC.

Glory to Torval and the Empire!
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