Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 265: FUC Blitz Hits Torval but Bombs Don’t Dent Morale

FUC began a major offensive against Senator Torval’s domain last cycle with attacks against most of our systems. Our lines however held with only Amitae, CD-27 5409, Hesa, LHS 274, and Ross 429 taking casualties. Observers on the scene reported many wounded but no fatalities due in no short measure to the expert response from Imperial emergency responders. Also, bizarrely, in Amitae the Sodium Chloride Automated Mining Extractor Field seems to have been specifically targeted. Imperial Military Analysist Cnaeus Poulsen observed that it likely resulted from a misunderstanding, ‘Rhea’s main export is salt which also seems to be the only fuel that keeps their troops going. It would appear that some Federal pilots took this to be the chemical and decided to take out the competition. They aren’t very well trained or educated so this isn’t surprising.‘ Upon hearing the news Senator Torval reportedly offered labour to assist in the repairs.

The fortification efforts exhibited by Torvalians last cycle were second to none with some commanders reporting the transportation of over 10,000 each! Senator Torval will indeed be proud of how her commanders performed under the torrent of Fed bombs. A massive thanks to all those we participated as we were able to avoid turmoil and consolidate to a CC Reserve of 64.

Meanwhile commanders from the IHC defeated waves of enemy forces at Kistha to successfully prevent the weaponised expansion against us going through and neither Hudson nor Winters have deployed another showing once again the Empire’s ability to scupper their diabolical plots.

This cycle we should expect FUC to continue their attack and will prepare accordingly so that it will again come to nought.

For Torval & the Empire!
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