Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 264: Prepare for Battle

FUC have deployed another Weaponised Expansion against us this time at Kistha. With Senator Torval’s domain the clear target for a Federal offensive in the near future it is time to raise the drawbridge and man the defences at home.

Last cycle 10 systems suffered varying degrees of damage from the Fed’s attempts at a bombing campaign with many civilian casualties being reported by local media due to their indiscriminate use of dishonourable war tactics. Most egregious was their targeting of search and rescue vessels leaving Al-Battani Enterprise in Ross 429 which we condemn utterly. However, these said systems were largely our own Weapons against the Federation and all our core systems were again defended ably by us Torvalians who never blink an eye when facing such galactic barbicans. The cycle ended with us consolidating to a defence bonus of 32% and a CC Reserve of 56.

The attacks upon on us by FUC are nothing new. Many times the Federation have launched such assaults against the Empire and the ultimate result of their actions has been their own diminishment; this time will be no different.

For Torval and the Empire,
We shall stand firm!
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