Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 263: Exchanging Fire on the Front Lines

Imperial forces achieved victory against FUC’s weaponised expansion against Torval at Belgitan. However, despite the immense gallantry of the IHC pilots at Taexalk the dishonourable Feds broke through and the Expansion was successful. Despite this Kappa remains profitable with many millions of civilians now appreciating even more the protection to living standards and dignity in life that is guaranteed by being part of the Empire.

This cycle the Federal Powers have deployed weaponised expansions against Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Princess Aisling Duval and ourselves. Needless to say Imperial commanders are already on route to the frontlines to put down this latest attempt at galactic theft. The Empire has also noticed that the Federation have renamed the planet Rhea 4 to Foursyth after FUC’s fortification director. Senator Torval, and indeed everyone of reasonable thought, no doubt look forward to the inevitable day when the only thing Foursyth has left to fortify is himself with some of the biowaste wine from one of Felicia Winters’ ‘aid’ packages.

In our domain we will continue our BGS work to achieve trigger reduction. We have won great victories last cycle in conflict zones and our thanks goes to all those who made these glorious wins a possibility.

Our core systems remain strong and our determination never wavers. All of FUC’s attacks against our Control Systems failed last cycle with no injuries even reported and we consolidated to a CC reserve of 324 and a defence bonus of 39%.

We haul, we fight, and we shall be victorious for Torval!
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