Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 262: FUC Assaults Kappa

FUC has deployed two Weaponised Expansions against Senator Torval at Belgitan and Taexalk. If Taexalk successfully expands it would cause significant damage to CC revenues from Kappa as the people of 9 systems currently living under the light of Torval’s economic freedom will fall under the shadow of Winter’s despotic dystopia of soup kitchens and aid packages. However, Imperial forces are always ready to respond to Federal aggression with the IHC’s commanders determined to protect the dreams and prosperity of millions of people from the delusional ideology of the Federation’s Liberal Party.

During last Cycle they also hit us at CD-27 5409, HR 2883, LHS 2265, and LTT 12058 but there was only minor injuries and disruption reported so we were able to consolidate resulting in a CC Reserve of 394 and a defence bonus of 36%.

As such, due to the hard work of Imperial Torvalians Senator Torval was once again able to enjoy a relaxing Wednesday night without worrying about her domain.

Thanks to all those who assisted.
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