Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 261: FUC Needlessly Exterminates Jellyfish

FUC attacked 3 systems last cycle, being rebuffed at Kappa and failing at Tai-1 Hydrae. At LHS 2265 they caused significant damage to the ecosystem of the local water world when one of their ships plunged through its atmosphere and broke apart upon impacting the sea surface, wiping out a rare indigenous species of jellyfish in the process. The pilot of the craft had ejected and is currently on his way to the Social Agitator Educational Detention Facility at Lagerkvist Gateway for Imperial conditioning. The ruckus and disruption to trade there cost Senator Torval 83 CC but this hardly dented our efforts and we managed to consolidate to a defence bonus of 40% with a CC Reserve of 365.

Elsewhere the FUC supporting terrorists in Grom merit bombed a 5C Weaponised Expansion at irula to 325,220 merits. However, the combined Imperial & Torval forces were more than a match for the dishonourable rabble and crushed this threat to Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval and Princess Aisling Duval.

Appreciation and thanks from Senator Torval and the Empire to all those who assisted last cycle,
May her glory and that of the Empire never end!
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