Our scrap proceeded relatively well but unfortunately our CC returns were hampered by fortification from FUC-Kumo supporting 5C meaning we kept hold of Trante. They also continued to use Grom to attack Imperial Powers whilst the Federal alliance itself pushed Patreus into Turmoil. However, overall Torval’s position has improved with more CC available now to continue our assault against FUC and reinforce our defences than before.

Senator Torval will no doubt be rather pleased with our progress last cycle, appreciation to all those that assisted.

For Torval & the Empire!
I refute in the strongest way that FUC had anything to do with your forts or indeed any other 5C activity..... FUC much like IHC I'm sure, do not condone or partake in such actions... But just like IHC doesn't "control" all imperial CMDRs, neither does FUC "control" all Fed CMDRs. However, I don't think these actions are being carried out by Imp or Fed supporters...

5C crops up in all powers at inopportune times to screw you over. When 5C dropped Hudsons vote and prepped LHS 2088 (a -63CC system!), they forted 26 Hudson systems in 24 hours to make sure the expansion went through (stopping Hudson turmoiling to avoid it)....I'm sure these were not IHC sanctioned actions. No - there is a band of 5C who have alt accounts in each power, who reactivate them when they want to screw stuff up.... look at LYR currently -their vote was 93% three weeks ago - currently they struggle to achieve 65%. Winters has also lost control of their votes, so have to resort to prepping 4 systems each cycle beyond their 5C preps.. Again, a few players with lots of accounts making life difficult, and trying to get the victims to blame their usual in-game enemies.... I don't believe they are aligned to anyone - they play their own power game - and often win it seems!

Patreus' turmoil was FUC - just a little prod to remind them to fort ;)
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