The following is intended for Federal aligned eyes only. This format was clearly not stolen from the Hudson posts.
Overview: We managed to jump 4 spots in the PP rankings - tho again, we'ere not sure why. Sure would be nice if FDev told us how their scoring system works.. but whatever - we're #3 :)

Federal Pilots also blocked Imperial attempts to expand into Capo (ZT) and Tujil (ALD), so well done to all Winters pilots + our Hudson and other allies for stopping more insidious Imp expansion.

(As always, while we try to check and update goals and objectives here at Reddit. you'll find real-time live updates and just darn nice people at our text/talk site at )

Please fortify the following systems:
LHS 1887
LP 906-9

Consolidation/Preparation Votes: hold

Preparation: Reieni: Haul Liberal Propaganda from either Bulkyulkana or Shenggan. Medium pad or planetary landing.

Expansion: Belgitan (low priority)

UM/Opposition Targets - Oppose Col 285 Sector QN-T d3-77 (ALD). Closest Control System: Amuzgo (46.65Ly)

Winters needs you! Stay Frosty, and remember our FLC Motto: "Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy" CMDR Brantford.
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