PvP CQC CQC is an Absolute Pain

If I can tag silent runners/cold/stealth players with a controller, I'm sure just about anyone can with practice. That's the thing though, is people rage quit too fast to get any practice in lol.

They expect to jump right in to CQC and perform well, and get surprised when they get stomped. You might be able to get away with 2-2-2 pips while bounty hunting, but in CQC you've gotta be on top of it. Even seasoned PvP guys sometimes struggle in CQC at first, but they catch on exponentially faster than someone brand new.

For those starting out, heat sinks are a good stand-in for silent running until it gets unlocked. It's still really strong, but it isn't quite game breaking once you have a good grasp on how it all works.
That's nice? Not sure what it has to do with anything, though. Silent Running's still OP, and should be removed for the good of the game.

You claim how superior player silent running makes you.. yet nobody knows you.
I think somebody with silent running just farmed you and you got salty.
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