PvP CQC CQC is an Absolute Pain


I had no words.
We had people who came from PS4 to PC CQC. They thought they were good, but it turned out they weren't.
PC is by far the most competitive.
Not a lot of traffic on the Xbox end, but I can confirm that Vik is one of the few who actually know what he's doing on Xbox. I can think of maybe one other that can ever put up a fight the rare times I load into CQC.

I haven't tried CQC on PC yet, but I may give it a go next time I'm on.

As for open PvP, I can say that the skill level on PC is certainly higher on average than Xbox, but there are some exceptions. Lotta dual account fellas, too,
Thanks for the credit, but I'd wager that I'm rusty now. Haven't played in months due to my hotas being busted, and I refuse to pay $120 for a new one, when ALL of them start screwing up with ghost inputs in as little as an hour.
The only change I'd make to CQC is removing Silent Running. It's pretty much OP against 75% of players, and not far from OP against everyone else.
Silent running is definitely pretty strong. Sometimes you can sneak off another kill or two while suicide burning, or even make it to a shield boost.

Lotta console folks aren’t used to free-aiming lasers, so it’s especially effective against anyone who isn’t seasoned.
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