Dinosaurs Could we have a breakout animation method that is for the indominus rex be applied to the other large carnivores?

Usually when a large carnivore breaks out from the fence, they would use the same head smash animation during the attempt and once the fence has been broken. The indominus rex is different as it is so far the only dinosaur in the game that has a slightly different breakout animation once the fencing has been broken. I took a time stamp from this youtube video for you to see below (at 6:01):

Usually when a large carnivore is breaking out, the animation would be a charge to the fence, the dinosaur makes contact with the fence with their skull, move back due to the recoil, shake their head to regain their composure, and roar at the fence and readies themselves for the next hit. The indominus rex does this as well when attempting to breakout, it is when the breakout finally happens that the dinosaur gets more upright in posture and lets out a triumphant roar in success to breaking out of the park's main line of defense. This is currently exclusive to the indominus rex, as all other carnivores would reuse their breakout animation for the final blow, especially noted with the indoraptor in the same video at (2:30).

I like this as it makes 2 things clear: It adds to the tension that the dinosaur has broken out and is truly aware that they have successfully escaped, and that the animation itself compliments the fence structure giving in to the force the dinosaur has made to the fence, as what was once rigid and durable has been pushed away, making the standard breakout animation where the dinosaur backs up a bit unnecessary as the animation does not communicate the dinosaur's head pushing through with the momentum.

I do hope this could be implemented to the other carnivores as it would make their breakouts much more dynamic and life threatening.
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