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I know this has been raised before but there appears to be no news. Actually, other posts have even been locked with no response at all!

So, here it is. Other games are able to pass information from the console to an app on a laptop or mobile device. The information I have seen passed in this way ranges from race car telemetry to real time mapping.

Therefore it must be possible for FDev to achieve a system that would, for example, pass market information to an app on triggering the market screen.
At the moment, console only factions have to rely on PC users chancing through their systems to update 3 party apps like EDDB and INARA etc which puts console only factions at a disadvantage.

If FDev could include this information being passed to a mobile device app in this way I am sure there are lots of 3rd party developers that could bridge the rest of the gap.

Looking forward to a response form an FDev rep.

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Absolutely second this! Actually I personally feel this is the worst of the unnecessary discriminations the console people feel. Not having full Keyboard Mapping Support is another. While this is not so much a problem in game due all other players on your platform are prone to the same limitations, it sure is on the wider scope.

This is an absolute MUST. Since i'm pretty sure ED generates the LOG file on PS4/XBone as it does on PC there should be a way to make it accessible. Even if you need an App on PC/Tablet to access it over TCP/IP or whatever. Right now the Apps read the Log stored Local so make it accessible remote and it´s done...
I agree with this. I'm tired of console players constantly getting the short end of the stick when it comes to data collection.
Definitely agree there are so many possibilities.... the RDr2 app is awesome and works with Xbox! Fdev. Could make playing on console so much better with letting us use tablets and phones for plotting courses and finding!


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Yeh API access is there now, even in some limited form it appears but its better than nothing. I am not sure why hchalkley didn't put some kind of announcement on here as the web API Xbox Live/PSN authentication is now available. I am interested to see if any other developers can make use of it.

Is there any documentation anywhere (specifically for the console version) or does it have access to the same commands as the PC API. I must admit I am a little confused as it seems to have to do everything "live" as there is no PC journal file to access.

The documentation here all still refers to the local PC file, which obviously is not available on console. Something is working though as EDSM works and Anthor must have had access to something.

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