Conflict zone (low intensity) "running away/in high speed orbit" around planet

Hi, I encountered this weird senario when I was out looking for conlfict zones, It seemed as on at the system flousop A 2 A the low intensity kept flying away as I was entering. This also causes me to not pick sides but the ships spawn if I enter the zone in front of the zones trajectory (I captured it in this video). Also got overheated (might be my build haven't diagnosed that yet).
Was a Known issue...

High gravity well nearby will pull all Objects zones in the instance around it at a HIGHER speed orbit...
Ships are left behind... every thing else spins round the gravity well object..
You can get installation/megaships that do the same but they can actualy damage or kill you if your in front off them due to there increased speed...
yeah i've come across this problem too, for years, it's definitely not a new thing from an update, my best guess is that the distance calculation as-to-how-close to place/create any CZ, is either

1 based off the gravitational centre, and not a starting calculation based off synched / not-synched relative speed of orbit around planets, so when one is placed encircling (an invisible radius) around a common gravitational centre, the CZ gets placed in a place that might be fine were it around both a single object and the G.core in the same place as the centre of the object ;

New Bitmap Image.gif


2-1 when based around a large object that is not alone, the shared/increased gravity of the 2nd+ object/s, indirectly slows the object but the calculation for the orbit of the CZ, is being calculated as normal instead of adjusted, and so faster than the slowed large object's rotation, OR,

2-2 when based around a large object that is not alone, adjusted speeds of the large object have not been used in a IF-complication of the normal speed caluculation for the orbit of the CZ, so BOTH the CZs adjusted speed, AND the planet's spinning are both adujsted, if for some reason the planet/sun is spinning faster rather than slower than if it was alone.
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@Vurrath That makes sense, pretty hilarious effect although quite annoying when doing missions regarding them. Hoping for a fix on it soon enough. Thanks for the more indept answer btw!
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