Comprehensive Multi-Crew Exploration System


I have a few suggestions in mind with the recent BETA. Please note that BETA 2 is currently experiencing server issues, but I considered my suggestions in alignment with the new game mechanics.
First of all I have to say the multi-crew element is severely lacking in it's current state in the BETA (and live), I hope my suggestions will help the developer team to iron out some of these:

  1. Discovery display mode for added crew members! (currently non existent)
  2. Synchronised system discovery. Even on basic system scanning aka. Honk. (not working properly)
  3. Control over the general discovery scanner. (see new role recommendation below)
  4. New role: Navigator

  • The role has control over the discovery scanner (shared with ship owner).
  • Can system scan without the captain's intervention on the ship.
  • Can access the scanner, limpets systems on the right panel inkl. reboot and repair.
  • Can turn Night Vision on and off! (currently non existent)
  • Can FS-Scan system whilst moving! (reward for the role, tho I understand how moving is not feasible in current system..)
  • Can fire probes.
  • Can control limpets, any kind.
  • Can target anything, regardless of captain's target, and able to mark target as primary! (latter changes captain's target immediately, perhaps optional for captain to allow this)
  • Can map routes.
  • Has control over every scanner system, or can access them freely.
  • Can set up own key-bindings in ship regardless of captain of ship (respectively for scanners and limpets, probes)
5. Has very same cockpit view-mode as discovery mode on the new UI.

The shares and credits would remain untouched, via the session screen.

If I have included anything that has been fixed and/or works as suggested, please disregard.

Thank you for your time (and support).
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