Completing Mission Choosing INF Not Crediting INF

I am finding that choosing INF+++ or higher above original INF is not crediting on random missions but instead is putting a null in the record for INF & crediting REP or just not crediting anything but money. I was watching the INF+++++ missions in Inara API which takes records from the logs & many missions are not getting the INF credit. Anyone else seeing this???
journal entries itself look good here:

"Influence":[ { "SystemAddress":NUMBER, "Trend":"UpGood", "Influence":"+++++" } ]

... no idea whether that is an inara uploader effect? have you directly looked into the journal/log files?
I might suggest checking your history - I am finding many
not sure, what you mean by history?

i have checked all missions i have handed in before and after tick for high ++++, not have seen any missing in my logs.

i'm not using that part of inara - so my question was whether you have cross checked inaras values with your journals/logs?
an example from yesterday - INF+++++ was chosen upon mission completion:

"MissionID":686542816, "Commodity":"$Osmium_Name;", "Commodity_Localised":"Osmium", "Count":45, "DestinationSystem":"Eeyen", "DestinationStation":"Erikson Hub", "Reward":13025032, "FactionEffects":[ { "Faction":"Federal Reclamation Co", "Effects":[ { "Effect":"$MISSIONUTIL_Interaction_Summary_EP_up;", "Effect_Localised":"The economic status of $#MinorFaction; has improved in the $#System; system.", "Trend":"UpGood" } ], "Influence":[ ], "ReputationTrend":"UpGood", "Reputation":"++" } ] }

a string is missing from within the Influence brackets [ ]

from today - INF+++ was chosen upon mission completion:

MissionID":687283864, "Commodity":"$SkimerComponents_Name;", "Commodity_Localised":"Skimmer Components", "Count":4, "NewDestinationSystem":"Eeyen", "DestinationSystem":"Sapill", "Reward":754635, "FactionEffects":[ { "Faction":"Federal Reclamation Co", "Effects":[ { "Effect":"$MISSIONUTIL_Interaction_Summary_SP_up;", "Effect_Localised":"The security status of $#MinorFaction; has improved in the $#System; system.", "Trend":"UpGood" } ], "Influence":[ ], "ReputationTrend":"UpGood", "Reputation":"++" } ] }
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hah, interesting. i'm seeing the same, but only for faction in election in system.

could that be the case with yours as well?
I'm actually impressed they bother to report the actual outcome of missions rather than the simpler 'these were the rewards you signed up for' that the OP was asking for.
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