Completing Mission Choosing INF Not Crediting INF

I am finding that choosing INF+++ or higher above original INF is not crediting on random missions but instead is putting a null in the record for INF & crediting REP or just not crediting anything but money. I was watching the INF+++++ missions in Inara API which takes records from the logs & many missions are not getting the INF credit. Anyone else seeing this???
journal entries itself look good here:

"Influence":[ { "SystemAddress":NUMBER, "Trend":"UpGood", "Influence":"+++++" } ]

... no idea whether that is an inara uploader effect? have you directly looked into the journal/log files?
I might suggest checking your history - I am finding many
not sure, what you mean by history?

i have checked all missions i have handed in before and after tick for high ++++, not have seen any missing in my logs.

i'm not using that part of inara - so my question was whether you have cross checked inaras values with your journals/logs?
an example from yesterday - INF+++++ was chosen upon mission completion:

"MissionID":686542816, "Commodity":"$Osmium_Name;", "Commodity_Localised":"Osmium", "Count":45, "DestinationSystem":"Eeyen", "DestinationStation":"Erikson Hub", "Reward":13025032, "FactionEffects":[ { "Faction":"Federal Reclamation Co", "Effects":[ { "Effect":"$MISSIONUTIL_Interaction_Summary_EP_up;", "Effect_Localised":"The economic status of $#MinorFaction; has improved in the $#System; system.", "Trend":"UpGood" } ], "Influence":[ ], "ReputationTrend":"UpGood", "Reputation":"++" } ] }

a string is missing from within the Influence brackets [ ]

from today - INF+++ was chosen upon mission completion:

MissionID":687283864, "Commodity":"$SkimerComponents_Name;", "Commodity_Localised":"Skimmer Components", "Count":4, "NewDestinationSystem":"Eeyen", "DestinationSystem":"Sapill", "Reward":754635, "FactionEffects":[ { "Faction":"Federal Reclamation Co", "Effects":[ { "Effect":"$MISSIONUTIL_Interaction_Summary_SP_up;", "Effect_Localised":"The security status of $#MinorFaction; has improved in the $#System; system.", "Trend":"UpGood" } ], "Influence":[ ], "ReputationTrend":"UpGood", "Reputation":"++" } ] }
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