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they have been for a long time.

{ "timestamp":"2018-01-24T19:04:38Z", "event":"ReceiveText", "From":"$npc_name_decorate:#name=Lambert Naylor;", "From_Localised":"Lambert Naylor", "Message":"$Commuter_AuthorityScan01;", "Message_Localised":"Is there a problem here, officer?", "Channel":"npc" }

{ "timestamp":"2018-01-24T20:12:13Z", "event":"ReceiveText", "From":"$npc_name_decorate:#name=mad-ed;", "From_Localised":"mad-ed", "Message":"$Commuter_HostileScan01;", "Message_Localised":"Please cease your unauthorised scan immediately.", "Channel":"npc" }

{ "timestamp":"2018-01-24T20:31:24Z", "event":"ReceiveText", "From":"$npc_name_decorate:#name=Graham Davies;", "From_Localised":"Graham Davies", "Message":"$Pirate_OnStartScanCargo08;", "Message_Localised":"What do you have in your cargo hold?", "Channel":"npc" }

{ "timestamp":"2018-01-24T20:31:33Z", "event":"ReceiveText", "From":"$npc_name_decorate:#name=Federal Agent;", "From_Localised":"Federal Agent", "Message":"$PowersSecurity_OnAttackStart05;", "Message_Localised":"Do you know who I work for? You have no idea what you've started.", "Channel":"npc" }

In System Trilateration Aid?

Currently, you can do this ... all manually, and sadly with only a 1Ls (+ or - human error) degree of accuracy.

I've noticed that detailed surface scans provide all measurements in the journal with a great deal more accuracy. Yay! Sadly, you only get distance to the point of entry and the clock is always running, so you have that error which must be adjusted for (again manually) and it leaves things wide open anyway, really.

It would be wonderful IF:

When you run the D-Scanner a journal entry were made giving the timestamp and distances (with the same accuracy of the surface scanner) to every discovered object in the system (insert -- from current ship position). Even if there is nothing new to discover. It's still incumbent upon the commander to identify the objects by normal means (or not as the case may be). If the same accuracy would present some exploit issue, even just kicking the Ls distances to the journal would be a fair improvement over having to do it manually.

Primarily I suppose my interest is in better 3rd party orrery implementations, but there may be other uses that would be quite valuable to others.


(my apologies if I'm unwittingly whipping a dead horse here.)
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Hello there...

is it possible to get the influence points (+, ++ ... or low, med and so on) in the MissionComplete event for each involved faction (and if possible the same for some other events like MissionFailed, selling something, redeem something, ...)?
This would be a big help for all who are interessted in BGS work.

Yes, I saw something like "UpGood" in the MissionComplete event, but it was every time the same value for +, ++ or +++++.

With 2.4 I extracted them from the Mission Accepted event, but with 3.0 this is absolut senseless because the values can change.

The second is, that I missing events for Wing Missions.

Best regards,
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It would be great if we could access current module health in the ModulesInfo.json file. We get current power, but not damage/health.
Also requesting a more reliable event than "Music" for exitting to main menu.

Edit: Also, as I've just noticed, can the "Missions" event have as detailed data as MissionAccepted etc?
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It would be great if there was a Missions.json file produced when opening the missions menu. I could have hours of "fun" parsing the data and trying to maximise the reward / time ratio.
{ "timestamp":"2018-10-18T13:28:57Z", "event":"MissionCompleted", "Faction":"(Faction name properly listed)", "Name":"MISSION_Salvage_Refinery_name", "MissionID":426659426, "Commodity":"$ComercialSamples_Name;", "Commodity_Localised":"Commercial Samples", "Count":4, "DestinationSystem":"(System name properly listed)", "DestinationStation":"(Station name properly listed)", "Reward":346230, "FactionEffects":[ { "Faction":"(Faction name properly listed)", "Effects":[ { "Effect":"$MISSIONUTIL_Interaction_Summary_boom_up;", "Effect_Localised":"$#MinorFaction; are experiencing increased growth that could lead to an economic boom", "Trend":"UpGood" } ], "Influence":[ { "SystemAddress":670954235345, "Trend":"UpGood" } ], "Reputation":"UpGood" }, { "Faction":"", "Effects":[  ], "Influence":[ { "SystemAddress":9467047323081, "Trend":"DownBad" } ], "Reputation":"DownBad" } ] }
Salvage missions return empty strings for the faction name of the faction affected at the target system while the briefing/debriefing screens properly indicate the faction and the influence effects.
The same goes for Salvage missions .. I know my missions had +++ on influence when I finished them ...
  "timestamp": "2019-01-03T21:59:25Z",
  "event": "MissionCompleted",
  "Faction": "Terran Colonial Forces",
  "Name": "Mission_Salvage_name",
  "MissionID": 448684567,
  "Commodity": "$USSCargoBlackBox_Name;",
  "Commodity_Localised": "Black Box",
  "Count": 4,
  "NewDestinationSystem": "Aulis",
  "DestinationSystem": "Bolg",
  "NewDestinationStation": "Dezhurov Gateway",
  "DestinationStation": "Mastracchio Park",
  "Reward": 281550,
  "FactionEffects": [
      "Faction": "Terran Colonial Forces",
      "Effects": [
          "Effect": "$MISSIONUTIL_Interaction_Summary_EP_up;",
          "Effect_Localised": "The economic status of $#MinorFaction; has improved in the $#System; system.",
          "Trend": "UpGood"
      "Influence": [],
      "ReputationTrend": "UpGood",
      "Reputation": "+"
      "Faction": "",
      "Effects": [],
      "Influence": [],
      "ReputationTrend": "DownBad",
      "Reputation": "+"
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Hmmm... So v23 of the manual [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]http://hosting.zaonce.net/community/journal/v23 includes a Body for FSDJump, but it isn't there in the actual logs.[/FONT]
Clicking the v:latest in the lower right-hand corner, clicking Project Home, and clicking the link under Repository, it looks like that site is built from the v26 document for the September update. It doesn't look like anyone from Frontier posted the link to the document on the forums, so I posted the links in Journal docs for v3.4

(Where I said EDDN discord, I should have said EDCD discord).
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@TheWonko I maintain that documentation. It's parsed from the official documents with a few manual adjustments. Feel free to leave feedback here, in PM or even on the GitHub project.
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