Combat Zones not working?

A couple of factions are at war in a system im in, but there is only 1 Combat Zone in the system, a Low Intensity CZ.

Upon entering the CZ, and flying towards the center od the CZ, nothing happens. No ships spawn in or appear, the CZ never starts. I have left the CZ, and come back, left the system and come back, still nothing. Restarted the game, still nothing.

Is this known? Where should I report it? Can anyone help?

Edit: I went in with a wing mate, and now the CZ starts as it should. But shouldnt there be more than just the 1 Low Intensity Combat Zone?
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definitely sounds like the CZ was buggy.

to answer the other question, i have seen several wars in lower population systems with only one CZ.
Just logged in, after 4 days with only 1 Low Intensity CZ, 3 more CZs have appeared, High, Med, and another Low, but its for another war that just broke out...
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