CMDR Envisitor's logbook

14-11-3305 | SHRUERY TR-L C24-0
CMDR Envisitor's logbook, stardate 982870.7721334349.
This is my hundredth day out in deep space since I left Magellan.
Even if I didn't travel every day it's for me now one of the longest time out in deep space. Since I've started this tour I've found 17 ammonia worlds, 7 ELWs and 90 water worlds aswell as a huge amount of icy/rocky planets and HMCWs.

Beside these bodies I've found for one time crystalline shards and some anemones.






This map show's the route I've flew.
- map from EDDiscovery

Now I'm heading towards Formidine Rift.

This was CMDR Envisitor's logbook entry of 14-11-3305.
+++++END OF ENTRY+++++
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