Notice Clipper Ship Kit Issue

Yeah the fixed kit will be in the 2nd September patch, where did you read that the missions board will be fixed too in that patch?
If that's true then I stand partially corrected, I didn't read anything about a fix for the screen tearing on Xbox either.
Maybe its getting fixed because it is very easy to fix. The other fixes may take longer as they maybe a bit more complex.

Just a wild guess.
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I did find it rather odd that so many things broke on the patch that were so disjointed and disconnected from each other.
I would guess it is because so many different actions in game now can trigger the function check_if_player_should_get_ARX_for_this()

So whenever something happens which could potentially add ARX to your account, the gamble starts. If all parts of this work properly, you just see that you now have more ARX. If anything goes wrong, things fail, crashes happen, etc.
Greetings Commanders,

We wanted to inform you that we are aware of an issue with the Clipper Ship Kit, which prevents commanders from being able Hyperspace Jump. The team are aware of this issue, and they are working on a fix that will be included in the September Update - Patch 2, coming this week.

If you are experiencing this, please remove the Clipper Ship Kit from your ship, until it is resolved. In order to prevent anyone else from experiencing this, we have temporarily removed it from the store.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Maybe you should look at giving those of us an ARX bonus for testing this poorly released product to ensure us that it is tested better next time.

It is a very nice ship kit, I really like it, but the amount of task kills that had to be done on the game on every jump attemt was disgracefull
Well since my clipper is my void opal ship, and void opals where stealth nerfed before this update (even in systems no one visited before, void opals became much harder to find), I guess i wont be needing that ship kit when it gets fixed.
I tried to jump with my Clipper and the kit installed. It's hilarious. The jump counts down to zero, blue tunnel for transition into hyperspace/loading screen appears, and that's where you get stuck indefinitely.
I really don't want to be THAT guy but I was just reading Zac's response to the open letter where he says (among other things):

"Before I comment on the PTS. I would just like to champion the hard working QA and Development Team and process that goes into every update to try and ensure that there are as few bugs and issues as possible. Much like the Community Team mentioned above, they work tirelessly to deliver the best experience possible."

That's what I call unlucky timing.

I think there should be a checklist of all the things QA team absolutely must do before releasing things. I presumed there already was one but it doesn't look like it.
A new item should be added "Test new shipkit in hyperspace jump".
Glad to hear that the issue has been fixed. I'm wondering why it hasn't been put back on the store.
Overlooked probably. It's not like they're not still a lot of other important things to fix. The mission boards are waiting for a proper fix, module power priorities get messed up after switching ships and probably a lot more. The game is still far away from working order just yet.
Or just playing safe. If people who already own the kit don't start a riot then it's probably working so you can allow it to be sold later. If you flip the switch to put it on sale on Friday you risk turning up on Monday to 'yet another riot' 🤷‍♀️
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