Clipper deceptively horrible at combat; false advertising

Oh yeah absolutely, thing's a turd. Large pad for a medium ship, hardpoint convergence that makes the Cobra look like a needle, paper hull, and big "SHOOT ME" engines just about as bad as the Chieftain. It's got shields and speed so it's good at running away though.
Clipper is a very capable combat ship- it is ridiculously fast when fully engineered, so can pick the fights it takes. It is also big and wide which helps catch people with rams, at which it excels. Hulltank/fastcharge biweave frag-ram clipper with silent running is deadly in the right hands: I have seen Alex Amos fight in his "Mr Plow" a few times and he barely broke a sweat killing most opposition. Its not a meta FDL but one on one it is certainly a respectable combat ship.
The Clipper will point its nose places rather quickly, but it's very drifty. Like a Federal Assault Ship, but on ice! And faster! With marginally better shields!

...But twice the size, and with worse hardpoint convergence.
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