CG predictions...

Spoiler! ;)

LP is coming online for Consoles..

Sobbing...why are we always left until last? Sniff.

Itll get there Im sure.

Its there on XB now, didnt even relog just jumped back into System from next door and yes just Data Link scan reveals it to target as per usual LP, no hatchbreakers or recon limpets required/SPOILER]
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Did you get the access codes from Salvation?
I got the message from the listening post. Heading towards Taurus Dark Region now. How many stars are there in the area you think?
What we know so far, or think to know at least.
  • It got activated by an unidentified megaship in the proximity
  • It's in the Taurus dark region sector
    • H1 key -E
    • H2 key +H
    • H3 key -C
  • So I have been looking for systems in the Taurus dark region with
    • the first letter A, B, C, D
    • the second letter I, J, K, L, M ...
    • the third letter A, B ... but no luck
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