CG predictions...

Well I'm glad we got that all sorted so fast - good job everyone!


You didn't run silently to avoid the bounty? Rookie error.... but same. Nothing of interest on board.

I did. But I am in a junk CM4 with bad heat, so I switched it off because I don't care ;)
Let's hope this is truer than I think it is - c'mon Dav!

So I'm going to wait another 10 minutes til after the... wait... we just had daylight savings... it should be now, not midnight my local.... gah....
I scanned Cargo Bay - no LP. Got recon and hatchbreakers, used Recon - not even any mats dropped, havent hacked cargo bay yet in case something drops that isnt listed? Usual SOS by Morse. Nothing else I can find...yet. Will be back after dogs walked.

So its bugged or LP doesnt show up in Cargo bay, btw where is Cargo Bay 1 or 0? I can only find 2 & 3 ?
No Joy lol
I did however find a lot of normal Cargo when logged back in, Wreckage components, Black Box etc. Also hacked both No 2 & 3 Cargo bay but they didnt eject as usual, limpet went mad trying to pick them up. But still no LP anywhere.

Now at IF in Elycoch

What time is Server Tick? I thought it was a.m. but obviously not, if I just missed it will relog and try again.
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