Capital Ship Docks - Assets ?

I notice that the Docks with Capital Ships have an Owner, and have the same Icon as an Installtion, but the few I have found are all "coincidentally" owned by a local faction of the appropriate Superpower.
Along with ROSS not having them as a type of Attraction, I am doubtfull that they are Assets that can be won/lost in a Conflict.

Can anyone confirm if they are Transferable Assets or not ?
Have checked 8 "Federation Cap Ships", they are all owned by a Native Federation alligned faction. In 1 case, this was a Player Group, but they have been around long enough to have been assigned it when it was created. 8 out of 8 is within the bounds of coincidence, but beginning to push the limits of beleivable.
2 owning factions were in Conflict, and if they are a conflict reward they are lower priority than a poxy Settlement.

Would be amazed if nobody has every tried to capture one. In a deck of BGS Top Trumps, they would be a collectable.
Both Docks I've checked are owned by the controlling faction, who also owns the station they're alongside. I'll see if I can find some Cap Ships in the area as there's a lot of systems that have been taken over recently by Player Groups. At least one must have moved in since the date the Cap Ships were added and they're all quite keen to capture every single station, outpost and installation in the systems they're in.
I think I can confirm that Cap Ship Docks are not gainable assets.
Visited 14 systems, in all cases was controlled by a Native Federation Faction.
Finally found 1 system where the controling faction has crossed Inf with another several time recently, but no conflict was triggered.

Freng - Cap Ship owned by Federal Envoys - Crossed Inf (10%+) with Verbigeni Electronics Industry (Non-Native Fed) 3 times in the last couple of weeks.

Not proved that it can or cannot be passed to another Native Federation faction, but thats as far as my research will go.

:( Really wanted to add one to our collection
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