Cant login...cant sell diamonds...please fix your game.

Title says it yall.

I seen the LTD sell price went up. I could...COULD OF sold my LTDs and made profit...but ive gotten like NINE MAUVE ADDERS this morning.
Dang it, I hate having to be grammar cop, but two of my "Big 3" in one sentence is more than I can bear.

"I seen" = "I saw"
"could of" = "could have"

And, of course, the granddaddy of them all:

"supossably" = "supposedly"
What's is you then, eh? Some kindsa supposably grammars po po?

(I was kind in putting the comma in!)
Meanwhile in Colonia

Not one connection issue. I can't remember the last time the game crashed. Must be all the mining I'm not doing.

But hey, you all stay there in the one spot and keep all the snakes of whatever colour in the same place away from the rest of us. Thanks for taking one for the team.
I actually bought them through my carrier. I didnt mine a single one and now ive got 2300 ltd i cant sell because game is bad.

ED performs fine...until i enter the sell system...

Them my loading screen freezes.

Both the login loading screen OR the fsd loading screen if im in game already...

And if i somehow DO get in system... The game repeatedly crashes every 30 seconds after loading... Muave adder.
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