Powerplay Faction: Yuri Grom C347 Onwards and upwards

You may have noticed Yuri ended up with a few systems in turmoil over the last 2 cycles. The ones among you with knowledge of powerplay will have noticed they were all loss making systems that were bad for Yuri. The turmoil was intentional, controlled and executed without flaw. Even the 2 systems still in turmoil this week were planned to ensure that the 5 systems we wanted rid off actually dropped, despite outside interference (we know who you are- cheeky Federal/Kumo Cmdrs). This week we will simply fortify out of turmoil and end up with a very positive starting cc for the future. This clearly could not have been done on our own and Yuri thanks the dedicated Cmdrs from other powers that helped achieve the outcome we wanted.

Objectives for this cycle- simple:

1. Fort, fort, fort Yuris controls systems as per Yuri fortification


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