Powerplay Faction: Yuri Grom C314 objectives - Carry on regardless

Adapt, overcome and improvise seems to be the nature of the game across all modes, playstyles and all in game elements, PP and BGS included. Work around the bugs, get in game when you can and develop new ways to support Yuri in his effort to maintain control of his systems. Apart from now working blindly against the opposition, the Yuriverse remains stable and in a good state. BGS is still doing its own thing and continuing to disregard all previously established rules (when anyone actually understood them in the first place :) ) but that hasnt deterred our forces from the fight.
Its also kind of reassuring for the game to see that even the in game issues havent deterred our 5c and they continue to push the terrible loss making system of Nuakea, kudos for perseverance.

This cycle please help fortify the systems listed here:
Yuri fortification


Join us at
TEoL discord
to get involved further, fly or fight with other Cmdrs (When instancing allows of course).

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