Powerplay Faction: Yuri Grom C312 objectives Calvinball

An interesting week? More accurately a frustrating week. The drop of Odyssey brought with it much excitement and many possibilities. The result was confusion and irritation, Yuri is most displeased the way it affected his troops. From PP merits not being counted to BGS faction influences spiking and plummeting, wars not ending or ending but the results not factoring into system control plus many other problems we have all experienced.

The short of it is, Yuri’s forces dealt with every blow as they came, adapted, improvised, brute forced it and did what was needed to maintain the security within the Yuriverse.

For that we thank the loyal Cmdrs who helped. We would even thank the pirates for taking a week off undermining Yuri’s systems during the chaos but we figure they were just too busy attempting to rescue their own BGS this week. :)

In the end Yuri fortified enough systems to stay safe and maintain his defence bonus, prepped a blocking system against the 5c prep of Nuakea and won a war in BGS through the combined use of ground and space CZ’s.

o7 Cmdr's
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