Powerplay Faction: Yuri Grom C310 Objectives - Refusal to bow to 5c

After last week’s 5C attack which dropped the vote and forced through 3 systems into expansion Yuri reached out for help. Strength comes from within but it’s always good to have help. Collectively we managed to stop the expansion of 2 of the systems and allow through the one which profits Yuri.

Umaitis now comes under the protective embrace of the bearded one.

Once again 5c attempted to push Nuakea into expansion and also to drop the vote but by voting consolidation you prevented this from happening.
Whilst protecting Yuri’s power the BGS team again strengthened his spheres of influence.

This cycle please:

1. Vote Consolidation - fight the 5c

2. Fortify all systems above 100CC base income:


In particular:
San Guan
LFT 78
Hip 99642
Hip 88178

3. Do not prepare any system - especially Nuakea - you are actively harming Yuri by doing this.

Yuri thanks all those who helped this week defeat the 5c attack.

serve advantage.jpg

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