Bridging the Gap - Phase One - Commencement

Which system, in Guardian space, would you like the megaship ferry to permanently travel to?

  • IC 2391 Sector FL-X b1-7

    Votes: 1,076 30.9%
  • Synuefe IL-N C23-19

    Votes: 224 6.4%
  • Synuefe EN-H d11-96

    Votes: 1,368 39.3%
  • Synuefe GT-H b43-1

    Votes: 655 18.8%
  • Synuefe PF-E b45-5

    Votes: 154 4.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Yes, more information about the systems to vote fore is needed. Why were those systems chosen? What would be the benefit if i vote for system A and not B. I will not fly to each system an take a look what kind of stuff i could discover there. Will one system be more good for Guardian-Module-Tech?
Right now i am not able to vote because the company that want me to vote lells me nothing about it.
Honestly that's my biggest disappointment at this point, all the fanfare over this new format and its worse than the old one!

At the very least, the poll should be taking place in-game, and not on the forums.

edit: I mean it may turn out to be pretty cool, it's only the first week. I was just under the impression that the difference between Community Goals and Interstellar Initiatives was going to be more added functionality and interactivity within the game.
There is already an asteroid base near Guardian space, in the Pencil Nebula (I'm at work and can't remember the system name, but it's "above" Guardian space). I've used it a few times, it has outfitting (handy if you've just lost an SRV, or want to fit a spare hangar), and even a shipyard (so you can transfer-in a smaller and more easily-landed ship if the one you're in is too big).

So perhaps a system near to the Pencil Nebula would be a good choice. Alternatively, as an outpost is going to be built, it could be argued that having this near to the asteroid base would be redundant. Presumably, like a typical outpost (and unlike the asteroid base), it can only handle small/medium ships? Whereas the megaship (if it's like the others) can take large ships?
I vote for the system connected to the guardian beacon I discovered first, even though both the ingame codex and fd does not give me credit for scouring all these systems around (it took a lot of patience and time), probably assigning the discovery to someone else.
I will vote for this system in honor of your discovery. We will let the truth be know to all, just who discovered the beacon.
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First of all, this choice of destination system is a fake choice.
Those systems are relatively close to eachother and it doesn't really matter which of those system will win.
For a week some of you might have some kind of impression that they're doing something (by clicking on a poll option), while in fact we do nothing for another week.
This is just a meaningless forum minigame.

Also, I already predicted it will look like this:
I think I know how it will go down.




that will be an excuse for them to say:
we use forum and we listen players...

everyone here know about it's a lie. Demonstrated one more time by this bad new.

at this moment they are busy to bring in new players.
however they have forgotten that the best advertising remains that of the players.FDEV is disconnected...
I echo what others have said. I EDSM'd them; saw they all looked similar and have nothing more to say on it really. Um, any of them?
Looked them up on EDSM; voted for the one furthest from Sol. :)

Question: how frequently will the ferry service run and how long will it take?

That's the important question. If it's going to be a tick travel, 1 week trip... I am out.

When I go to these sites, it's a 2-3 hours trip. Land, do my thing, jump back.

Really no interested in staying a week. Best case in this situation is, I go on a Sidey, farm, then self destruct back to the bubble.
You're kidding right? The first week of the new Interstellar Initiative is voting on the forums?
I wonder how is (or even if) this appears Galnet. The vast majority of gamers never sign up for forums, especially on console. An in-game solution would be better. Zende Partners could offer a single data delivery mission, and they could have scout ships in each of these systems. Whichever system you deliver the data to is the one you support with your "vote". That's how I would have done it, then everyone could have participated who wanted to, not just an elect few in the forums.

Don't worry, I'm not upset. If anything, this falls under the "I don't really care" category. I just find the "you have to use the forum to participate in the game" mechanic to be..... Odd.
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