Bridging the Gap - Phase One - Candidate Systems

This right here is an example of how communication about how things work in the game is somewhat less than stellar. Not picking on you, just using this as an example because megaships jump from point to point. Distance to a location from the entry point does not apply to them, so distance from arrival is meaningless in this situation. They jump into a system where ever they want, not at the typical arrrival point a normal ship would.

That said, without knowing anything else beyond what we know, any reason is as good as any other reason for picking a system. I am leaning towards IC 2391 because it ends in b1-7, and the b 17 was one hell of an aircraft.
Yeah, i realised that after watching a D2EA stream. The megaship would most likely drop out and orbit the planet the ruins are on I guess. I'm not really too bothered about which system is chosen to be honest. I just want to get started in-game on the next phase of this initiative. I'm interested to see where this initiative goes from week to week.
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