Bridging the Gap - Phase One - Candidate Systems

I can get the Ferry thing if the site as far out 10,000ly away etc. I have been to some half way to Colonia. if the Ferry went there then it wall makes sense.
personally I wont be waiting for a week to use the ferry to travel only 700ly.... I will just fly there without utilising the ferry.

of course, people using it is there choice, their call. it just seems a bit of a waist putting in game for something so close
I feel the same. Could it be they need Ferry there, because they plan something else in that region? Maybe Thargoid invasion? Which is kind of puzzling why they didn't do it until now, seeing as this sites are the source of weapons and modules against them, right?
The average vanilla DBE has about 39ly jumprange I guess. That's abotu 18 jumps for 700ly. Whilst it is not very much compared to a trip to colonia, it is a bit of effort for a commander like me who starts to get unconfortable if faced with anything more then 10 jumps away. And you'll have to jump it back again too.

How insignificant ever those 700 ly might be, it would be a littel bit of comofort, if only the ferry would go daily. But as it seems, it won't. So yes. Let's hope for the bigger picture and more narrative to come.
I think the Shuttle Service will add some interesting effects.

First off, much like cannon's mega-ship, events can happen to it.
So consider some of the scenarios the Ferry could be subjected to, be a road-test for the fleet carriers.

but for the players and their ship builds a ferry has major consequence.

First off, One does not need to pack for a long haul or be uncertain of what to pack either.
Smaller vessels, designed specifically for the job can be used.
Combat vessels, not suited for long hauls can join in.
If the ferry offers outfitting, repair and refuel (but not shipyard), then just getting the right "ship" build out after a few playtests and tweaking.

Of course, this has some bottle-necking of players to a certain location and a certain time. Griefing will be an issue as most community events have.
But a prison barge being 1000ly away, hopefully, will curb the pvp griefing on the guardian's side of the ferry.
In the bubble, however, respawns will be close by.
So frontier changes the forum, making it unusable for some and then REQUIRES players to use said forum to participate in the game they own with posts/votes such as this. PUT THIS IN THE GAME!!!

This is asinine. Have to leave again, I can read the bloody BRIGHT WHITE on BLACK without giving me a horrible headache. Fix the forum please.

EDIT: see, I'm trying to help:
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Despite the negatively framed verbosity of the assessment...

I do agree,
having a forum post, although, minimal and viable.
Has it's pros and cons.

In-game Galnet/Pilots federation, community interface and dev announcements in-game.
Player-focused messaging, in-game context giving an improved immersion and RPG factor.

Not everyone is in the game at all times, even if they are online (who isn't these days) it might be 3 minutes of surf time whilst waiting for the bus dreaming of a future time for a long sit-down in the elite dangerous universe.

The Pilots-Federation-Ingress
A framework for a ubiquitous and centralised suite of HTML based API-tools and modules, with design language resource for developer & player community communications.

The Current User cases which with the help of such a singular focused web-based solution will vastly improve the existing user experiences for all-round access, convenience and players immersive Role-playing experience as the game-design language and lore will be consistent across device/platform, giving the sensation of "player-presence" at every interface.
( cough a single solution *cough * cough * sales/marketing , devs will still have to frett between multiple versions, screens sizes, resolutions, and what info to allow to be open).

1) Client Launcher Container.
The client launcher is a pitiful little window with multiple panels that struggles with its own functionality, and any clicks open up the game or the default browser to complete the request since the shop, or videos are HTML based.

Having the launcher be a full-screen wrapper with a web-based interface could allow direct movement into the web-based training videos, the marketplace for game extras, player forums.

2) Game Client Container (overlay)
Announcements and community news/events are hidden from the game.
Training videos open a default browser to a video on the dangerous page or youtube.
Having a web-based overlay, again would keep the player-in-game, and keep the experiences consistent, especially if tied into the pilot's handbook/codex/journal.

3) Web Browser Container. (First-party or third-party)
The current web-page is a standard business model for selling the game and its extras.
It carries the design language of the game, but the aesthetics sit on top of the business-like-PR&sales-structured-navigation and web-interface (aka this is frontier-> these are the game we make -> here are the things that you can buy in the game -> here is some community stuff)

There are many player sites that try to combine a lot of the information for systems, markets, shipbuilding, engineers, tips and tricks and various entertaining content providers (art/videos) whereas others try to enhance the player experience with login/tools and having access to the player's journals.
Thus tailing the generic information to being more player orientated.

Which if Frontier were to craft web-modules for certain aspects of the game, as well as a design interface language (what colour is a title, what colour is a border and have that centralised so everything and anyone can use it (like the ships UI for example), allowing it to be altered).
The third-party pages could mix and match as some try to add information,
importing in a Dev-news module,
or Interstellar initiative module,
player-login module (giving access to unique f-dev player data).

4) Mobile Platform container. (First-party or third-party)
Similarly there a player based apps for general information or those that try to connect to the player's account.
Frontier did have the first-party app at launch, which the commander could see part of their current status.
Again the web-based interface (as with many mobile apps which have a device-specific wrapper which then has an in-app web-interface).

My only hope is that the main-screen and forum revamp might be a step towards such a solution ;)
As much as I applaud Fdev for changing things up a bit, I do hope they also learn from this experience.

Ideally they'd set something up like this using in game tools, but most of all thinking about Narrative and storytelling - they are not short of people they could ask to set things up to create compelling reasons to support one side or the other.

No one is asking for Iain M Banks, but even a quick look at TV Tropes and a basic understanding of the 7 different stories we tell each other could give a basic framework for a good vs evil competition.

I think the best way to look at this is as a test run.
I smell many a guardian blueprint required in the near future!


Yip, this thread feels like the moment you get a load of Health Packs and Ammo Packs before you enter a heavily infested area of a game.

Like it's pointing to a major Thargoid event in the near future.
what like the all out war that Frontier insists is raging but that doesn' t affect anyone really.
heck even in systems under attack NPC factions go to war with each other and ignore the Thargoid lol
Even the game generated monsters don't engage in power play.
I've been thinking, why why why a ferry to only 780lys away system. Then it dawned on me, we may need to get heavy hitters out there as in corvettes, these have low jumping ranges compared to most ships.

Maybe this is to allow us to take them out there to take in what's coming.
I've been thinking, why why why a ferry to only 780lys away system. Then it dawned on me, we may need to get heavy hitters out there as in corvettes, these have low jumping ranges compared to most ships.

Maybe this is to allow us to take them out there to take in what's coming.
All I need is a seat and popcorn to take in what's coming.
I've been thinking, why why why a ferry to only 780lys away system. Then it dawned on me, we may need to get heavy hitters out there as in corvettes, these have low jumping ranges compared to most ships.

It takes about an hour to get a combat, low jump-range Corvette to the guardian sites - much faster than waiting a week to get it ferried.
The 50-something jumps might not be the kind of fun those with a low jump-range combat Corvette are seeking, but hey, details.
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