:"Booming economies"

From one pirate to another:.... conversation recorded on 4/11;
Hey how much do you think we can make here just in fuel, now that the governor has all this money? " "I don't know but be careful there are feds near here and your ship isn't easily hidden.They know you're here." Two female pirates, move in on this settlement, they used to be a part of. I mean the place was in shambles before this; the governor, was the only one to blame but the only salvation. "Like watching fish eat each other in a bucket until there is none left." Tried and keep himself alive; while watching him killing himself. They stayed for nearly a year approximately, Virtual Network and Proxy, listening in right now, "as far as they went with this radio though," "I'm left even at awe" I don't remember how they stole my money, my life, they left me to die, on pills, drug's that is what they were using. They left nothing behind; They sent a virus; {It's still active} After all said and done; War has raged through the entire population, criminals; "are leading the way" the 'system' has grown tired and cold. "My system and I, everyone near me, "I stole everything I did it, blame me" Everyone else have now taken all but the lives of the few remaining people, starving in the ward; "With no intent on eating or mourning, revenge is a evil thing, It bring people closer, makes one stand out. "Or shut up". Not hard to spot the ones who survived the onslaught. "But I tell you one thing, from the perspective of the one whom felt the repercussions; I didn't have anything to lose "I gained from this not only a better relationship within, but a understanding that as one person; we don't matter. As a settlement we could have grown but we let the system tare us apart until we could not look our self in the eye.: "Just a realization, is a win now. "It was r0a1001nds101o01m0."
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