Blender Question: Perfect Mirroring?

I have another beginner's Blender question: I have an object I created and I want to mirror it and then merge the two sides together perfectly. I know several ways to mirror objects but I can't make it snap perfectly along one side. How do I make a mirrored object work? I hope that makes sense!

If you can see in the image below there are two flat objects and i want to snap them together and then merge them:

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The best way to mirror something in Blender is to do it with that in mind. Which means: start to model one side and apply the "Mirror Modifier. This modifier allows you to specify which axis you want to mirror. And tick the "no clipping" box. This way you can approach the middle if you need to, and the program stops you exactly at the joining point. this way you won't overlap and it will sit edge to edge. The Mirror modifier will mirror everything you do in real time, so you see how it will look.
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