Blender noobie help!


I tried to import a svg file. It was teeny tiny so I scaled it a few times. I must have pressed some wrong button or something as it is very strange now.

It is like half hollow and I can just see a tiny part of the view... Also the grid itself is cut off!

Maybe you can help me?

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Press N -> on the right side there should open or close a window. there you have to search for Clip: (under Lock camera to view) and set "End" to 100m (defines how much the viewport camera displays)

while you are at it. change the units to metric - centimeters and scale the object 0.1
Thanks I also realized it is probably better to model from scratch as apparently svg files will just make it too high poly count. :/
you could reduce the steps in the curve properties. from 12 to 6 or so. You could also delete the top and bottom faces after converting the curve to a mesh (alt+c) and select the outer edge and press f to fill it with an ngon. (should be alright if it is only a static object)


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Ah I wanted the star to have a hmmm ellipse (kind of) profile. Something like the profile view of mario's star. Not normal bevel and flat surface, but continuous soft curve.

I will need to learn more.

(I tried to add custom bevel by curve but I never got it correct!! Way wrong, not visible, etc :D)

I made a similar star in 123d (a while ago...) but I can't import that file. (yes file format is 123d)
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