PvP Best Places to Greif?

Best Places to Greif?

"Greif" is German for "Griffin", a mythical beast that's part lion, part eagle. It's also a class of ship that used to be in Frontier: First Encounters, one of the prequel Elite games. It was the second-largest trader you could buy, just slightly smaller than the Panther Clipper. I don't recall the NPCs ever flying them, so if you want to see one, you've got to travel back in time 50 years, then go to one of the more industrialized worlds.
If you're looking to "spice up" folks' games, then some good spots are double Painite and Triple LTD hotspots, the former currently being better due to Painite being slightly more desirable for mining than LTDs post-re-balancing. Beyond that, https://inara.cz/reports-security/ can show you where the most murder attempts are happening in the galaxy. That's generally an indicator of what's popular at the moment.
Hutton Orbital is the place. Most CMDRs there are defenseless. Plus it doesn't generate Notoriety.

Or Deciat. Or Shin Dez. Or just about any mining ring.
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