Discussion Basic beginner EDSM (with EDD) advice and tips?

New player, only 3 days old, and I've gone from utterly overwhelmed by all the ED tools out there, down to 3! This Forum, Inara, and now I'm looking at CMDR as my next tool to conquer. (since I'm really wanting to focus my gameplay on exploration.)
So I'm pretty dim, it took some work but I figured out installing EDD-EDMC and leave that running, and install EDD, and then I found I think how to connect it to CMDR and feed data over there. But WOW EDD is full of settings and tools and geewhiz!
Actual question: What should I set, adjust, and use as a novice user of EDD to make sure it constantly sends updated useful data to CMDR? And what other novice beginner tips for using it would be good to know?
Gahdangit! I've tried 2 different browsers and it won't let me edit the body! I was able to edit the title of the post at least to say "EDSM" instead of "CMDR."
I mean to be referring to EDSM in this post, FYI. EDDiscovery and EDSM!
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