Bark Mounds, revisited

Disclaimer; all below are the initial analysis results, and are by no-means evidence of proof, without more in-depth science and multiple sources of data to back said results.
Great care is being taken to prevent any 'confirmation bias', and towards that end, all data is open for review, and inspection, by my peers.

After two days and nights at the bark-mounds, it is my position that more science needs to be undertaken, by as many sources as possible, to present a finalized conclusion.
Below are my two recorded events, and initial hypothetical impressions.

Initial two day and night visit, produced the initial analysis;

Short video, at a bark-mound site, at night. Minerals found were consistent with prior hypothesis, with initial belief being they are agricultural in nature; always subject to change.

After hearing repetitive background grumbles, a test was designed, with the intent towards making a variation in the readings; if it was possible. Though only one test was conducted, a change did occur. This is not proof of hypothesis, only first test results. Is this repeatable, if not why, if so, is it consistent or only at specific times or solar azimuths?
i heard anecdotal evidence of Anemons also emitting sound. They do seem to also switch on and off their lights at some point.
For Sinuous tubers i have first hand experience of them also making sounds. It might well be the sounds are triggered by your presence. Also i had the feeling we really had some hidden message again in the sound but i am not set up for running sound through spectrometers right now so i wouldn't know. Just a gut feeling.

Now, there is sub species of all these organics. Do the different sub species emit different signals? Does the signal maybe correspond to the location in the galaxy? Bark mounds in particular same as anemons seem to be living all across the galaxy so they are very wide spread. Maybe different sub species in different regions emit different sounds?

This sounds like another monumental investigation to be undertaken by some pioneers.
The picture of my rest, firing, and presence has not been replicated at this time, pending changes when Odyssey arrives.
IF they (FDev) is true to their word, there will be changes, and 'real science' added, and no more canned dismissive toss-off responses from Cmdr Ace.


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